Residential Water Treatment

We have compiled information on a number of typical water issues. This information is for basic knowledge only, and we want to remind you that a water test (free through us) is the best way to determine what type of system you need. If you have two or more of these issues, a different system may be required to really deal with the problem.

Contaminants below with (**) are known to be harmful to humans.

Common Contaminants

  • Hard Water can damage appliances with hard mineral build up. Bathing with hard water can make hair and skin dry and itchy.
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  • Iron can stain fixtures and basins such as sinks and bathtubs, and can even stain bleached or light colored hair. Drinking water with iron can taste metallic.
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  • Sediment includes sand and silt. This can clog plumbing fixtures and dry out skin and hair.
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  • Sulfur Sulfur has a very distinct odor, and has been compared to rotten eggs. This can make drinking water and bathing quite unpleasant.
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  • Methane is a naturally occuring tasteless and odorless gas. It presents itself as fizzy water and is highly flammable.
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  • Arsenic** is naturally occuring and abundant in Alaska. Arsenic is a carcinogen and over time can cause cancer.
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Water Problems

  • Corrosion**: Blue green staining is caused by corrosion in copper piping. This indicates damage to pipes and fixtures.
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  • Low Production: When your well produces less than 5 gallons a minute, you may not have enough water to meet your daily water needs.
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Microbial Contaminants